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REPORTAGE for Weekendavisen from Woyzeck at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.

Søren Sætter-Lassen as Woyzeck – Lene Maria Christensen as Marie. February 2014.

The Merchant of Venice

REPORTAGE for Weekendavisen from play at the Shakespearean castle of Kronborg in Elsinore.

Christian Erdmann as Antonio – Christian Friedel as Portia. Staatsschauspiel Dresden, The Merchant of Venice, august 7th 2013 at Kronborg.

Jag er danskdöv

ESSAY about Scandinavian unity and the impossibility of the Danish language: “Jag er danskdöv”, Gorm Rasmussen, Weekendavisen, august 2013.

Polar Music Prize

WEEKENDAVISEN commissioned portraits of Polar Music Prize recipients Kaija Saariaho and Youssou N’Dour.

Politics and Asger Jorn

OPERA BUFFO revolving around the painter Asger Jorn, snobbery, fat mayors, Danish-Italian relations, and the late painter’s house in Albisiola in Italy. “Jorn er giftig”, Gorm Rasmussen, Weekendavisen, october 2013.


EPITATH to one of our true greats: “Radio Brooklyn”, Bo Green Jensen, Weekendavisen, october 2013.

Tall tale

FDF COMMISSIONED this tall tale of scouting fun.


POSTER, “Tivoli”. You will find the entire series of Animal Town posters for sale in my shop.

70 x 50 cm. 4-colour offset printed on high quality poster stock.



Awful politicians from the yearly satirical publication Svikmøllen. At time of writing, we are drawing the centennial (!) issue.


MAJOR AND MINOR chords, for a newspaper article about shifts in musical fashion to minor chords over vamp sequences in this decade’s big radio hits.

Copenhagen Jazzfestival

LIVE REPORTAGE: Jakob Bro Tentet feat. Peter Laugesen at Jazzhouse.

“Jazz med krop og sjæl”, Christian Braad Thomsen, Weekendavisen, july 2013.


FDF COMMISSIONED these star signs for one of their magazines.


HELP ESTER get to her school in Uganda. Magazine work for an NGO.