VALUES – for a scouting organisation. I was asked to illustrate a refresh of their core values. Here, that leaders invite every child into the fun – also the shy kids. That the organisation is founded on humanist Christian values, and they meet other kids on a basis of shared religion. That adults volunteer as leaders to join in the play and share a good time.


TALL TALE – the leaning tower of pizzas.

Children's book

SPREADS from a popular kids' book on family structure: Get it here.

Good shepherd

THE GOOD shepherd, for a biblical magazine article.

Tall tale

THE boy who invented the fidget spinner – for a scout's magazine.


SCHOOL BOOK, from a series.


MAGAZINE quiz pages – who are the masked persons?


MAGAZINE illustration – true story about a homemade time machine.


IPAD APP, animated educational stories.


GAMES and apps I have published. Two minute showreel.


ZEBRA mayhem. For a children's book of poetry.


ROOFTOP Ninja. A very true magazine story of old-time scouting for FDF.

Postcard series

TWELVE postcards for FDF: Each card teaches a classic children’s game – with instructions on the reverse.

David and Saul

KING SAUL begs David’s forgiveness. FDF commissioned this series of Bible tales.

Tina's Parrot

BOOK commission.


MAGAZINE spread for a feature on group creativity.


SCOUTS’ magazine. Baptism in two philosophical readings: as a cleansing, or as a re-birth.

Tall Tale

TRUE story of old-time scouting life.


Tall tale about old-time scouting life. FDF magazine.

David and Saul

DAVID cuts King Saul’s cape. FDF commissioned this series of Bible tales.


FDF – a variation on hide and seek.


BIBLICAL tale – a narrow escape!


KFUM commissioned a series on willpower in the face of temptation.

Wall Prints

PRINTS at poster-size and above. From a series I have in the shops.

Tall Tale

WILDLY exaggerated story, told by an old-time scout to modern children. FDF magazine.

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